CartFlows Integration

Adam Lacey

CartFlows integration so users can split test all part of their CartFlows setup as well as using a successful purchase as a conversion trigger.


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Adam Lacey

Hi everyone 👋

I've closed this 'integration' due to the fact CartFlows may eventually do this natively themselves. If they change their platform to allow people to do this natively, it should in theory also allow us to work with it out of the box with no work required from our side, however, if we do need to do a tweak, we will do so.

We are currently reviewing a lot of updates to our application from quality of life UX/UI updates to some new and awesome features that I can't wait to talk about.

I will be updating the roadmap in due course with what's planned once we've finalised an internal MVP of the new features.


+1 for this!


Liam Miller

What is the time frame on this? I'm not a split hero user but will join once you add this. I need it to be able to test checkout / offer elements like with or without order bump, different settings or order of elements on checkout page

Adam Lacey

Hi Liam!

It's a bit tricky to put a timeframe on this one, unfortunately. Hopefully, I can get more of an idea soon and update you.

I do have a bit of a rough workaround that a couple of users have done so I will put it in the documentation and then you can see if this works for you as an interim fix :)

Adam Lacey

Status changed to: Closed

Sebastian Kopalek

Great idea! Looking forward this feature!

Adam Lacey

Status changed to: Planned

John Whitford

This is a great idea as it sounds like native split testing is many months away for the Cartflows team. Would be a great way to get Split Hero traction in the near term