Headline Split Test

Alex Calinov

A standard split test would be based on conversions, correct? How about if my objective is not conversions, but actually just time spend on the page?!

A very good example for this is split testing a Headline for a new blog. A headline it's the most important part of the blog, as you only have a second to get someone's attention.

Technically I can have 2 posts with different headlines, that's no problem. the only thing missing is the ability of NOT having to choose a thank you page, and instead choose time spent on the page as a main goal or Bounce rate? that woul dbe a good one as well.

Plus this would open up SplitHero to a new market.
Conversions would be for marketers and funnels.
Headlines for bloggers, content creators, etc.. everyone runs a blog.


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Adam Lacey

Status changed to: Under review


Richard L

Sumo/AppSumo had a similar plugin years ago that would allow you to split test post titles. I believe the measurement was clickthroughs.

Adam Lacey

I’ve actually seen a similar system but have no idea how it works (haven’t looked) because it measures click through from google but in theory in theory how does it know which one to show in the google index. Super interesting though.

This feature request isn’t quite that. More of a case of just having time on page as a conversion trigger vs a page to land on.



Thrive offers this, so makes sense to ?

Adam Lacey

How does thrive do it? Conversion is time on page?